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Chamomile, as a delicate and versatile flower, is renowned for its calming properties and graceful appearance. Characterised by feathery green leaves and small, daisy-like blooms, chamomile is utilized in various applications, such as floral teas, aromatherapy, and skincare. The sweet and soothing fragrance of chamomile makes it a favoured choice for relaxation, and its gentle floral notes add a mild, pleasant flavour to teas. Apart from its aromatic and culinary uses, chamomile is esteemed for potential health benefits, including promoting sleep, soothing digestive discomfort, and offering stress relief. Whether enjoyed in a cup of tea or integrated into beauty and wellness routines, chamomile, as a flower, is cherished for its natural elegance and tranquil influence.

  • Vase not in price but additional style options available for this design.