Spider chrysanthemum

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Spider Chrysanthemum Flower Delivery Sydney

Peace within Spider chrysanthemum

Spider chrysanthemum, is a symbol of peace and love which varies from culture to culture. In Europe and some other countries, Spider chrysanthemum is said to represent peace which makes them the ideal flower type to use in floral arrangements for burial and other funeral settings. With this, Spider chrysanthemums are also the choice of flowers that some people put in the graves of their departed loved ones. However, spider mums are also believed to be associated with the representation of love thus making them the type of flowers used for wedding bouquets and such. They symbolise new beginnings along with the idea of a positive and happy life ahead waiting for you. Spider chrysanthemum transcends a different feeling of love thus its usage in weddings and other romantic gestures. You can find Spider chrysanthemum flowers in a variety of colours including the shades of red, pink, yellow, lavender, green, orange, and white. 

Meaning Behind The Flower Spider chrysanthemum

Spider chrysanthemums,  or also called Spider mums or Fuji mums, belong to the Asteraceae family along with other flowers such as the sunflower, daisy, dahlias, and more. The name of the flowers comes from the visual appearance of its flowers. Spider mums bloom petals that are curved, long, and narrow which almost covers its flower head, resembling the legs of the spiders. With its spider-like appearance, the inspiration for its name was obtained. Spider chrysanthemums are believed to have originated from China years ago but it can be found anywhere in the world. This type of flowers has a vase life of one up to two weeks making them a perfect home decoration, centrepieces, and blooms to put in other floral arrangements. Have the best floral bouquets filled with the unique Spider chrysanthemums only from Lush Flower Co. 

Season of Spider chrysanthemum

During October to November, Spider chrysanthemums can be found blossoming. They bloom later than the other types of chrysanthemums. Spider chrysanthemums can grow from 1 to 3 ft tall in height, and 1 to 2 ft wide depending on its species where other kinds develop higher than that. Chrysanthemums are considered as the birth flower for the month of November so if you want to grow one, you must plant them in places with tropical climates. There are other types of spider mums that can tolerate cold weather while some may find it hard to thrive. Your Spider chrysanthemums will thank you for providing them with a well-draining soil and a place where they can receive full to partial sun. Start planting you Spider chrysanthemums by purchasing its seed or acquiring rooted cuttings of its flowers.