Kangaroo Paw

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Kangaroo Paw Flower Delivery Sydney

The unique Kangaroo paw 

Kangaroo paw flowers, or Anigozanthos, are associated with the idea of uniqueness and individuality. It is mainly used to acknowledge a unique kind of love or friendship. The Kangaroo Paw flowers are furry and exude no scent at all.They can be found in a variety of colours including the shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and green. The Kangaroo Paw plant is known for its ability to survive in severe environments and conditions like drought and fire. Kangaroo Paw is also considered as a floral symbol of Western Australia and used in horticultural displays. In countries of the USA, Japan, and Israel, Kangaroo Paws are locally developed as a cut-flower crop. They make the ideal floral piece for decorations or simply in a bouquet. We create the most exquisite floral arrangements with Kangaroo paw flowers here at Lush Flower Co.

Meaning Behind The Flower Kangaroo paw

Kangaroo paw belongs to the family of Haemodoraceae which are mostly seen in south-west parts of Western Australia. The flowers are said to derive its name from its physical appearance. The tubular and woolly kangaroo paw flowers showcase a “claw-like” shape which resembles the animal kangaroo’s curved fingers. Historically, Kangaroo paws provide a powerful and healing effect thus the reason why it is used as an ingredient in various traditional recipes. They are also believed to have cosmetic purposes hence its usage as a natural ingredient to induce healing and soothing properties in skin care products for normal and other skin types. Moreover, it was French botanist Jacques-Julien Houtou de Labillardière who first collected the flowers of the kangaroo paw  in 1792. The red and green kangaroo paw on the other hand, was first introduced to England in 1883 and in 1836, a botanist in the name of David Don described it for the first time.

Season of Kangaroo paws

During late spring to fall, Kangaroo paws can be found blooming. Kangaroo paw flowers’ nectar captivates birds and honey possums. To grow a Kangaroo paw, a soil with good drainage and a place with mild temperatures is a must. They require moist and sandy types of soil to be able to survive. Kangaroo paws thrive well in Mediterranean climates, same with their native location. This type of flowers require full sun in order to bloom vibrant and colour-infused flowers. Kangaroo paw flowers grow up to 2 to 10 ft. in height and 1-2 ft. wide. There are species of Kangaroo paws that can grow from both seed and rhizome cuttings. Kangaroo paws grow quickly and need little maintenance. When it comes to watering Kangaroo paws, they like moderate amounts of moisture in their soil so make sure that the surface of the plant soil is dry before watering them again.