King Protea

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King Protea Flower Delivery Sydney

The King among all Proteas

King protea is a symbol of strength, resilience, and adaptability for South African culture. As the national flower of South Africa, it was chosen by the country to represent the above-mentioned characteristics they believe are the best words to describe their people and values. The King protea is known to survive intense wildfires and endure a long lasting drought hence its symbolism for resiliency. The visually appealing King protea displays the shades of greenish-white, silver, pink, and red. It can be found in the province of Western Cape, South Africa. Protea are native to South Africa alone, not until it was brought from there to Europe in the 18th century. Proteas are also known as “sugar bushes” thus King protea is called “King sugar bush” as well. King Proteas, as its name suggests, have a large flower head with its petals looking like a crown which is one of the factors to their beautiful appearance. 

Meaning Behind the Flower King protea

King Protea is the largest of its kind and one of those with beautiful appearances. Proteas, including the King Protea, are a member of the Proteaceae family which is among the world's oldest flowering plants. In 1735, the famous botanist Carl Linnaeus gave the name to this genus Proteoideae. The name of the flowers were inspired from a Greek story about Proteus, the son of Poseidon. It is said that Proteas flowers are named after him because of their similarities - Proteas have diverse varieties and shapes while Proteus’ has the ability to shapeshift and transform its appearance. There are almost 360 different species of this specific type of flower along with them is the King Protea. With the numerous meanings as well as varieties that proteas have, they are known to be used in several floral arrangements. They also dry very well making them the ideal choice for bouquets or home ornaments. King Protea can be matched along with roses, tulips, eucalyptus leaves, and other kinds of flowers. Grab one of these breathtaking floral pieces from Lush Flower Co.

Season of King proteas

During spring, summer, and fall winter, are the blossoming seasons of Protea cynaroides, or King Proteas. They grow up to 3 to 4 ft tall and 90 to 120 centimetres wide. If you are planning to grow a King Protea, the best time to do it is during fall, winter, and early spring. King Proteas are also considered as an adaptable shrub but it still requires to be planted on soil with good drainage. Moreover, Proteas in general, are also renowned for being a species of flower that can survive in soils with small amounts of nutrients. However, it depends on the kind of proteas you want to grow due to their differences in planting requirements. For instance, there are kinds of proteas that must be planted from seed in an uncontrolled environment, some that need the use of wildfire smoke, and others that a specific climate or type of soil is essential in order to grow.