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In moments of sorrow, expressing condolences through the language of flowers can provide solace and commemorate the lives of those we have lost. Lush Flower Co. extends our heartfelt sympathies and is honored to assist you in delivering funeral flowers that convey your deepest sentiments.

Why choose Lush Flower Co. for your funeral flower delivery needs across Australia?

1. Prompt and Compassionate Service:
Our commitment to providing support during difficult times is reflected in our same-day, next-day, or scheduled deliveries throughout Australia. We understand the urgency and importance of expressing your condolences promptly.

2. Secure and Convenient Payment Options:
To make the process as seamless as possible, we offer a range of secure payment options, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and American Express. Your peace of mind is our priority, ensuring a hassle-free transaction during this sensitive time.

3. Expert Guidance for Thoughtful Choices:
Selecting the right floral arrangement to honor the memory of a loved one can be a delicate task. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in choosing the most fitting flowers. Whether you have specific preferences or seek guidance, feel free to reach out to us at 02 9030 4040. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide compassionate assistance.

At Lush Flower Co., we understand the significance of conveying sympathy through the language of flowers. Let us help you express your condolences with grace and thoughtfulness. To order your funeral flowers and experience our attentive service, visit our website or contact us directly.

May the flowers you choose serve as a beautiful tribute to the lives and memories of those who have passed on.


In times of loss, honouring the departed is a universal sentiment. Regardless of the circumstances or connections, everyone deserves a thoughtful tribute. At Lush Flower Co., we offer a compassionate selection of funeral flowers to provide solace and express condolences during these moments of remembrance.

Lush Flower Co’s Funeral Flower Wreaths

Lush Flower Co takes utmost care in crafting elegant funeral flower wreaths that serve as a symbol of respect and sympathy during moments of loss. Our funeral flower wreaths are meticulously designed to convey a heartfelt tribute to the departed, offering solace and comfort to grieving families. Each wreath is thoughtfully arranged with a harmonious blend of blooms, creating a serene and dignified presentation.

We understand the importance of expressing condolences, and our funeral flower wreaths are a sincere gesture of support during difficult times. From classic and understated to elaborate and bespoke designs, our collection caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a fitting tribute for every farewell. The fresh, high-quality flowers used in our wreaths symbolise the enduring beauty of memories. Our skilled florists pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each funeral flower wreath reflects the solemnity of the occasion.

Lush Flower Co takes pride in providing a seamless and compassionate service, delivering funeral flower wreaths with the utmost professionalism and care. We offer customizable options to personalise your tribute, allowing you to convey a unique message of remembrance. Trust Lush Flower Co to deliver not just flowers but a heartfelt expression of sympathy with our exquisite funeral flower wreaths. Let us help you honour your loved ones with grace and compassion during this sensitive time.

Fresh Funeral Flowers Delivery Sydney

At Lush Flower Co, our dedication to delivering fresh funeral flowers with utmost care and sensitivity in Sydney is a reflection of our commitment to meaningful tributes. Our devoted team ensures that each funeral flower arrangement is meticulously crafted using the finest and freshest blooms, symbolising the enduring beauty of cherished memories. With a steadfast commitment to prompt and respectful service, our reliable funeral flower delivery across Sydney serves as a thoughtful expression of sympathy during challenging times.

Our funeral flower range features a variety of tasteful options, from traditional funeral wreath arrangements to personalised tributes, each designed to convey condolences and offer solace in a heartfelt manner. Whether your condolences are directed to a funeral home, church, or residence, our fresh funeral flower delivery service guarantees a seamless and respectful experience. Trust Lush Flower Co not only to deliver exquisite arrangements but also to provide a compassionate gesture, offering support and comfort to those in mourning in Sydney. In these sensitive moments, let our fresh and thoughtfully curated funeral flowers speak volumes when words may fall short.

A Complete Funeral Flower Delivery Service

Lush Flower Co. is consistently expanding its reach to offer a comprehensive funeral flower delivery service across Sydney. Presently, our services extend to cover all of Sydney, including Sydney City, Northern Sydney, South Sydney, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, and Greater Sydney.

For your funeral flowers needs in these areas, we ensure to provide you with the best options available. Leveraging our strong community and network, we offer same-day delivery. While we encourage advanced bookings for a wider array of funeral flower wreaths and to guarantee on-time delivery, we strive to accommodate your needs.

With an unwavering commitment to serving you to the best of our capabilities, Lush Flower Co. guarantees top-quality funeral flower delivery services in Sydney. Trust us for an empathetic and respectful experience when it matters most, with our focus on funeral flowers and wreaths.

A Trusted Choice for Funeral Wreaths Delivery

When expressing condolences, it's essential to choose a trusted option for funeral wreaths delivery. Our commitment to providing top-quality funeral flowers and funeral wreaths ensures a thoughtful and respectful tribute during moments of loss.

Our selection comprises beautiful arrangements meticulously crafted with various flowers, such as tulips, daisies, roses, and more. If there are specific flower preferences or allergies, please inform us, and we will tailor the funeral wreath accordingly, capturing the solemn beauty of nature in each delivery.

Let Our Wreaths Express Your Grief

The most meaningful way to express grief is by conveying it with deep sentiment and understanding. What signifies empathy, solace, and heartfelt condolences more than wreaths? That's why Lush Flower Co. offers a diverse range of options for funeral flower wreaths. With our specialised funeral wreath delivery service, you can trust that your expression of sympathy will be conveyed with the utmost care and reverence.

Wreaths have been a symbol of respect for generations. When we want to offer solace and support, wreaths are a thoughtful choice. The serene elegance combined with the symbolism of nature creates a touching experience. This is precisely what we aim to capture when you choose our funeral wreath delivery service for expressing your grief.

The Best Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers present an opportunity to express your empathy and compassion in a tangible way. Whether the departed was a close friend or a cherished family member, your choice of funeral flowers conveys your understanding of their unique essence. Here are a few meaningful options:

  • Carnations: represent deep love and affection towards the person you're bidding farewell to.
  • Gladioli: symbolise strength and moral integrity, making them a fitting choice to honour a life well-lived.
  • Hyacinths: with their sweet fragrance and vibrant colours, hyacinths convey the desire for the departed's soul to find peace and tranquillity.
  • Tulips: depending on its colour, tulips can mean forgiveness and purity as well as belief towards an everlasting life.
  • Forget-Me-Nots: from its name, forget-me-nots symbolise remembrance and undying love.

Order Funeral Flowers for Delivery With Us

Our process to order funeral flowers for delivery is simple and straightforward. You can browse the website and find the perfect collection of bouquets to send as a respectful tribute. You can provide us with the location, and then the delivery is up to us.

If you want to send flowers for funerals without the person knowing about it, that can be done as well. In these situations, you will have to provide your contact details, especially in case the other person isn't available. And yes, we offer same-day funeral flower delivery. For busy days like Sundays, memorial services, or other important occasions, we recommend booking in advance to ensure the timely delivery of your fresh blooms.

To ensure same-day delivery of funeral flowers, kindly reach out to us before 4 PM on the desired date. We'll prepare your bouquet and promptly deliver it as a thoughtful expression of sympathy. If you need delivery at night time, that can be arranged as well.

Get Funeral Flower Wreaths Delivered Anywhere

At Lush Flower Co., our objective is to provide comfort everywhere we go. If you're seeking a thoughtful expression of sympathy through funeral flower wreaths, we can deliver them. We aim to bring you only the most beautiful and meaningful funeral flower wreaths for the occasion. Moreover, it doesn't matter when you place your order, it can be any time of the year! You can order for delivery to any street address or event venue too. We will even deliver them to funeral homes and churches in Sydney if that's what you need.

Creating a solemn and respectful atmosphere with our funeral flower wreath delivery services is what makes us stand out. So get the best funeral floral arrangements delivered anywhere in Sydney, with our reliable and trusted services.

Contact For Funeral Flowers Online Delivery

If you're unsure about arranging an online delivery, feel free to reach out to us directly at or give us a call on 02 9030 4040. We can also help you schedule future dates for your flower delivery, ensuring timely and respectful tributes for various individuals. Rest assured, we'll confirm each order before the scheduled date.

So, let's arrange the most fitting funeral flowers today. Schedule your funeral flowers online delivery with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lush Flower Co. provide funeral flowers and wreaths?

Yes, Lush Flower Co. specialises in crafting thoughtful funeral flowers and wreaths to convey condolences and pay respects. Our arrangements are carefully designed to offer solace and support during times of loss. Contact us for more information.

How can I schedule a funeral flower delivery in Sydney with Lush Flower Co.?

Scheduling a funeral flower delivery is simple. Visit our online platform, choose from our selection of funeral flowers and wreaths, or customise an arrangement. Provide the delivery details, date, and any specific instructions, and we'll handle the rest with the utmost care and sensitivity.

What types of flowers are commonly used in funeral arrangements at Lush Flower Co.?

While funeral flowers can vary, common choices include roses, lilies, and other blooms known for their elegance and symbolism. We also offer arrangements featuring native Australian flowers to enhance the tribute. Communicate the preferences or specifics, and we'll tailor the arrangement accordingly.

Can I include a personalised message with the funeral flowers or wreaths?

Absolutely! Adding a heartfelt message to accompany the funeral flowers or wreaths is a meaningful gesture. You can convey your condolences and support through a personalised message, making the tribute more comforting. If you need assistance with the message, we are here to help.

Is same-day funeral flower delivery available with Lush Flower Co.?

Yes, we offer same-day funeral flower delivery services for your convenience. However, please note that high-demand periods, such as specific memorial days, might require advanced booking. Securing your funeral flowers or wreaths in advance ensures a timely and respectful delivery, especially during busy occasions.