24 Red Roses
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Red roses are timeless and iconic flowers that symbolize love, passion, and romance. The deep, vibrant red color of these roses is associated with intense emotions and heartfelt affection. Red roses have long been a traditional symbol of love and are often given as a declaration of deep feelings.

The velvety petals and captivating fragrance of red roses exude beauty and elegance. They are a classic choice for expressing romantic love and are commonly exchanged on special occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or as a symbol of deep affection.

Red roses can also represent respect, courage, and admiration. They convey a sense of admiration for someone's beauty, strength, or accomplishments. Additionally, red roses can be a symbol of deep friendship and loyalty.

Whether presented as a single stem, a bouquet, or incorporated into floral arrangements, red roses are a powerful and timeless gesture of love and affection. They have the ability to convey deep emotions and create a romantic atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

  • Additional style options available for this design. Note that if ordered in a box or ceramic the stems will be cut to fit the vessel.
  • Our incredibly talented team will ensure that the colours are maintained, even though flower availability may vary.