Corporate Gifts

Gourmet Bites Basket
Gourmet Bites Basket
Members Price $85.50
Moet Chandon Gourmet Bites Basket
Moet Chandon Gourmet Bites Basket
Members Price $157.50
Sweet Treats Basket
Sweet Treats Basket
Members Price $85.50

Corporate Gifts

Celebrating achievements and fostering strong business relationships is crucial in the corporate world. Whether it's expressing gratitude to clients or appreciating employees, at Lush Flower Co., we offer a thoughtful selection of corporate gifts, beautifully crafted to convey sentiments of appreciation and goodwill.

Lush Flower Co.'s Exclusive Corporate Gifts Collection

Lush Flower Co. transforms corporate gifting into an art, seamlessly combining sophistication and thoughtful gestures in our exclusive collection. Elevate your business relationships with our meticulously crafted corporate gifts, including tasteful selections to indulgent experiences. The efficient corporate gift delivery services ensure that your tokens of appreciation, such as the "Gourmet Bites Basket," the opulent "Moet Chandon Gourmet Bites Basket," or the delightful "Sweet Treats Basket," arrive promptly and in style, enhancing your professional connections.

Celebrate your team's dedication with our exquisite corporate gifts, each designed to cater to diverse preferences. The personalised touch and high standards of quality guarantee a memorable experience for both giver and receiver. Partner with Lush Flower Co. to make a statement in the corporate world, fostering stronger connections through gifts that exceed expectations.

Experience the seamless blend of professionalism and thoughtfulness with Lush Flower Co.'s corporate gifts. Our diverse range, from tasteful selections to indulgent experiences, adds a distinctive touch to various business occasions. Trust Lush Flower Co. to deliver corporate gifts that reflect the highest standards of quality and leave a lasting impression in the corporate world.

Fresh Corporate Gift Delivery Sydney

At Lush Flower Co., our commitment to delivering the freshest flowers extends to our corporate gifting services. As a family-run business with decades of experience, we prioritise quality above all else. We understand that the true meaning of flowers lies in their freshness and vibrancy. Our focus on ensuring bright and fresh blooms is unwavering, as we believe that only then can corporate gifts truly convey the intended sentiments.

In addition to our dedication to freshness, our corporate gift delivery service allows you to send more than one bouquet to your recipient. We go beyond the ordinary by offering customization and personalization options for each beautiful bouquet, ensuring a thoughtful and admired gift. Whether you have multiple flowers to send to different people on the same day or you're exploring a range of options, including native Australian flowers, we strive to deliver the best. Lush Flower Co. is your go-to for corporate gift delivery in Sydney.

A Complete Corporate Gifting Delivery Service

The team at Lush Flower Co. extends its commitment to excellence with a comprehensive Corporate Gifting Delivery Service, now available Sydney-wide. Our coverage spans across the entirety of Sydney, encompassing Sydney City, Northern Sydney, South Sydney, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, and Greater Sydney.

For your corporate gifting needs in these areas, we guarantee the provision of the finest options tailored to your preferences. Leveraging our extensive community and network, we offer same-day delivery services. While accommodating last-minute requests, we encourage clients to consider making advanced bookings, ensuring a wider array of bouquets and timely deliveries.

With a dedicated focus on serving you to the best of our capabilities, Lush Flower Co. assures top-quality corporate gift delivery service in Sydney. Trust us to elevate your corporate gifting experience with our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering excellence.

A Tasteful Choice for Corporate Gift Delivery

In the realm of corporate gifting, timely and thoughtful gestures speak volumes. At Lush Flower Co., our corporate gift delivery service offers a tasteful solution for expressing appreciation and fostering strong business relationships. Whether acknowledging achievements, celebrating milestones, or conveying gratitude, our seamless delivery ensures your corporate gifts reach clients, partners, or employees with precision and elegance.

Our carefully curated selection of top-quality floral arrangements goes beyond expectations, featuring a diverse array of flowers, including tulips, daisies, roses, and more. We understand the importance of personalization, allowing you to communicate any preferences or allergies, ensuring each corporate gift captures the beauty of nature without compromise. Choose Lush Flower Co. for corporate gifts that make a lasting impression, emphasising the sophistication and care embedded in every bouquet delivered.

Order Corporate Gifts for Delivery With Us

Ordering corporate gifts for delivery with us is easy. Just check out our website, pick the perfect gift, and tell us where to send it – we'll take care of the rest. If you want to surprise someone without them knowing, no problem. Just share your details, especially if they might not be around. And yes, we do offer same-day delivery for corporate gifts. But on busy days like Sundays or Mother's Day, it's a good idea to book ahead to make sure your gift arrives on time.

To get your corporate gift on the same day, let us know before 4 PM on the date you want it delivered. We'll get your gift ready and make sure it reaches its destination to celebrate the occasion. And if you need delivery at night, we can do that too – making sure your thoughtful gift gets there just when you want it to.

Get Corporate Gifts Delivered Anywhere

Lush Flower Co. is your go-to destination for seamless corporate gifting, ensuring you can elevate your professional relationships with the beauty of fresh flowers. Our corporate gift delivery service allows you to send thoughtfully curated arrangements to any street address or event venue, offering a touch of elegance to your business connections.

Irrespective of the occasion or month, our flower delivery services are available year-round for all your corporate gifting needs. Whether expressing gratitude, celebrating achievements, or simply enhancing your professional ties, Lush Flower Co. is dedicated to delivering the most beautiful floral arrangements. Trust our reliable and trusted services to create a charming ambiance anywhere in Sydney,  fostering stronger connections through the timeless gesture of giving flowers.

Contact For Corporate Gifts Online Delivery

For all your corporate gifting needs, Lush Flower Co. offers a seamless online delivery service. If you're uncertain about placing an online order, feel free to contact us. We specialise in corporate gift delivery, ensuring a timely and elegant presentation to clients, partners, or employees. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the delivery process; we can assist you in saving and managing special dates for various individuals in your network. This way, you can effortlessly send thoughtfully curated bouquets on time, with each order confirmed before the scheduled delivery date. Trust Lush Flower Co. for a hassle-free and personalised experience in corporate gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lush Flower Co. Provide Corporate Gifting Services?

Absolutely. Lush Flower Co. specialises in corporate gifting, offering a diverse range of floral arrangements tailored for business occasions. Whether expressing appreciation to clients or recognizing employees, our corporate gifts are thoughtfully crafted to convey professionalism and gratitude. Feel free to contact us for personalised corporate gifting solutions.

What types of corporate gifts does Lush Flower Co. offer?

Lush Flower Co. offers a diverse selection of corporate gifting hampers designed to cater to various tastes and preferences. Our collection includes the "Gourmet Bites Basket," featuring a tantalising assortment of savoury and sweet delights; the opulent "Moët & Chandon Gourmet Bites Basket," combining world-renowned champagne with exquisite treats; the delightful "Sweet Treats Basket," a collection of confectionery delights; the luxurious "Pamper Retreat Hamper," curated for relaxation and self-care; the opulent "Sweet Treats Hamper with Moët & Chandon," uniting confections with fine champagne; and the delightful "Brews & Bites Basket," a fusion of savoury snacks and craft beers. Each hamper is meticulously crafted to ensure a unique and memorable gifting experience. Contact us to explore these options and discuss personalised corporate gifting selections for your specific needs.

How Can I Schedule a Corporate Gift Delivery with Lush Flower Co.?

Scheduling a corporate gift delivery is simple and convenient with Lush Flower Co. Visit our online platform, choose from our exclusive corporate gifts collection, and provide delivery details along with any specific instructions. We ensure timely and elegant corporate gift deliveries, confirming each order before the scheduled date. Explore our options and streamline your corporate gifting experience.

Can I Include a Personalised Message with Corporate Gifts from Lush Flower Co.?

Certainly! We understand the importance of personal touches in corporate gifting. You can add a customised message to convey your sentiments along with the corporate gift. Whether it's expressing appreciation, congratulations, or best wishes, our team can assist you in creating a thoughtful and personalised message for your corporate recipients.

Is Same-Day Corporate Gift Delivery Available with Lush Flower Co.?

Yes, we offer same-day corporate gift delivery services for your convenience. However, for specific occasions or larger corporate orders, we recommend booking in advance to ensure timely delivery, especially during peak seasons. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we'll work with you to accommodate your corporate gifting needs efficiently.


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