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Sunflowers are known for their large, bright yellow blooms with dark centers, which evoke feelings of happiness, warmth, and positivity. They are often associated with summer and sunshine, making them a popular choice for outdoor events and gatherings. The tall stems and large blooms make them a great choice for creating a focal point in a bouquet or arrangement, or for adding height and drama to a larger display. Sunflowers also have a long vase life, making them a practical and beautiful choice for gifting or decorating.

A bouquet containing only sunflowers would be simple yet stunning, allowing the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers to speak for themselves. Alternatively, sunflowers can be combined with other blooms in complementary colors, such as blue delphiniums or purple lisianthus, to create a striking and eye-catching display. Sunflowers are also often used in rustic or country-style arrangements, where they are paired with other natural elements such as wheat, burlap, or twine.

Overall, sunflowers are a versatile and beautiful flower that can add a touch of warmth and happiness to any space or occasion. Whether used on their own or combined with other blooms, they are sure to make a bold and memorable statement.

  • Vase not included in price. Can be added as a style.
  • Our incredibly talented team will ensure that the colours are maintained, even though flower availability may vary.